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The two individuals no longer live together and are in the process of terminating their cohabitation contract.One individual is physically abusing another individual. Analyze the genogram and who you are in the context of the family based on race/ethnicity, culture, class, gender, spiritual tradition, family life cycle, etc.When twins are present, the child links are connected together producing an inverted V.Gender: Gender beliefs and values, without a question, do have an influential role to play in families.( double-spaced; using APA style formatting): Briefly introduce your family, beginning.This legend is located normally in one corner of the genogram and should include the emotional relationship lines and family relationship lines indicated on your genogram.This includes lack of supervision, inappropriate housing or shelter, inadequate provision of food, inappropriate clothing for season or weather, abandonment, denial of medical care, and inadequate hygiene.

Use this symbol to highlight a usual type of relationship.

Therefore do not use this unless there is a situation as stated above.

Part II ( Microsoft Word document ) Written Narrative: After analyzing your genogram gno graphic following the guidelines above, state in clear terms your interpretation of yourself.

Rest assured that this paper will be kept confidential.

This is a rare case, however a genogram should include such an important event.

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